hello dear friends I am on another adventure and this time it is to Jamaica so we planted to be here we literally just got in and I took a shower really fast cuz I had a red eye and it was a crazy long travel day and getting ready to go down to dinner so I’m going to show you the room Bleacher but that’s the view I’ll probably walk out here in a second but I just got ready in two seconds and I’m Priven that’s some good aids but seriously this happening           good morning I am so relaxed I feel like every ounce of stress has been removed nothing she was over here but I decide the best massage of my life third massage in life actually and this one takes it because it was literally a private Cabana on the ocean and the woman who rubbed me was gifted and wonderful and I told her that I had a horrible break out from the overnight flight and she was just like let Jamaica heal you and it like made me cry it was amazing she’s awesome I’m going to go out so what I failed to mention last night is that I’m here with the Jamaica Tourism Board which is I mean I don’t even I don’t even know what to say I’m so like blessed I will obviously be updating and come on come on look at my boat     [Applause]   [Applause]   good morning we are saying goodbye to the cliff’s hotel which was so pretty and quiet and awesome and I am so excited for the next leg of the trip because we’re going to Montego Bay and we’re going to stop at beach along the way and excited for the next part of the trip so I figured it would show what the hotel erm a little bit more since when I got here at kind of a Russian Russian so you walked in and here is the bathroom they can open shower really pretty and then this suits the main room really high ceilings super cool art will desk my remains so that’s balcony a bird with a hammock Oh     thank you okay I’m gonna show my fam okay so it’s raining but bear with me because I need need to show you this Villa at Round Hill Resort I’m freaking out that’s my roommate name Shakespearian here’s our private pool I door living room first dining room James Brown she has her own bathroom washing line and back to here in the middle is the kitchen full kitchen full bridge here football in my area to another outdoor living room and another dining area whose my room and animal bathroom and then keeping my Jane has the same doctor to right again amazing this tub I mean I don’t have a tub at home so and sure I can handle anything detail it’s just   soon we’re walking to the spa and this view is just all the rainforest looking for possible spa experience 11 out of 10 what up went up what up what up we at Round Hill my favorite new place in the world by the way this little grainy a little dark in my room but sunglow crazy Jamaican hair status but that’s how you roll here as I soon come to find this place a magical magical Center it round so you wanna get another ball oh my god   [Applause] yeah breakfast tomorrow and I Kristen Kersten paste your phone banana bread oh really and muffin dear gosh I know I hold man parbat carve out my girl   like that topknot we just got to half moon resort and it’s stunning and we are doing yoga and having spa treatments and look at this balcony religiously for a little bit she came out a spa and yoga I’m gonna fly the drone home beach come on up           girl is humid I’m saying I just thought a really good massage I mean this is like the trip of massages which is like twist my arms we are still at Half Moon which is so stunning as I’m sure you’ve seen and now we’re going to dinner at sugar mill after last night and it’s so so so sad as usual why would I want to leave paradise hello anyway I’ll bring you on for what we are eating and what they’re so sweet it’s going to look like so come out how’d you get I do what I got the ravioli oxtail ravioli I’m gonna have some some hey I work in 2005   it’s the last one not preferred hello friends I am back from beautiful Jamaica and I just wanted to hop on and sank that Jamaica Tourism Board for having me on this incredible journey and I cannot wait to go back I’ve already told all my loved ones that we’re going and I am not waiting so if you like this video give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you’re not already I will see you very very soon bye guys

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