this morning we’re doing a free walking tour of Oslo up nice and Ellie we were a little bit late because we have to get a pastry and a coffee first but not a fear they always leave like 10 minutes later than they say they’re going to always go round and see what you’re from I’m gonna see the best sights of Oslo   mouths feet are cold should have gone for the Reeboks hi thank you look at those cute little things   Mel bought some new socks to keep her warm he’s feel really cozy but Seba scuba   so we finished our walking tour and have common God’s warm foundation in the form of Joe in the tube we’re gonna share Feeny     Mel found the marzipan   I really can use some some led up top Mel is still on the prowl for free samples are the free samples now gotta move on   adding on hot chocolate with extra whipped cream on she is Mele mu are you feeling Christmasy yes ruff that   Oh Mel’s found something with a free sample   Oh final one Hemi one   this statue is called fearless girl and it says in support of women in leadership position the empowerment of young women women’s education gender equality the reduction of prejudice in the workplace through education equal pay and the general well-being of women how awesome Mel and I are totally making use of this guys cozy apartment we’re gonna cuddle up here with tea and watch a movie this is so cozy oh my god we are up nice and early again this morning to ensure that we can squeeze as much into the day as possible before Mel leaves this evening our first stop is to the beautiful opera house that the city is known for its opposed to look like an iceberg coming out to the water that’s what we learned on our walking tour yesterday and you can actually walk on the top of the Opera House so we’re going to go and do that first get some pics get a little view of the city and then continue on   so now we’ve come to the Austin Harlan I have no no that’s how you say it I think it used to be the old train station and now it’s next to the Central Station it’s intend into a bit of a food haul so we’ve come here to get coffee to keep us going or maybe some breakfast it’s so nice in here and it looks really festive   now we’re heading to the National Gallery to get our art and culture fix of the weekend   [Applause]   it is 4:00 p.m. it is already getting dark this morning I definitely slapped you and I feel as though the jet lag from flying from Boston kicked in this morning I don’t know we’re gonna blame it on that did some work and then hung out with my couchsurfing host for a couple of hours and then I came into the city center and dropped off my luggage at the station because I’m leaving tonight I have a late night flight to Dubai so it’s just easier for me to come in drop my bag off and then take the direct train from the Central Station to the App Hall later on so I’ve now come to what is called the violin sculpture park I want to say this is a really cool park because all the sculptures here by one artist called Gustav voyage land world’s largest sculpture park made by just one artist and one of Norway and oslo’s most visited attractions it’s also completely free because it’s just a park so you can walk around enjoy the park and enjoy the sculptures     I’m really cold I think I’m going to leave now I definitely haven’t seen all of the sculptures all 500 of them but I’ve got a nice little overview I’ve seen some absolutely stunning pieces of ah I’m really glad I came and this just is another reason why I’m going to have to return to Oslo at some point in the future so that I can fully experience the whole park but for now I’m gonna head and get a warm cup of coffee and the ice my fingers now I’ve come to another part of the city and I’m gonna put the name on the screen because I’ve absolutely no idea how to pronounce it I’ve come here specifically to go to a coffee shop called Tim Wendell Bell and this is supposed to be one of the best coffee shops in the entire world so even though it is 5:30 p.m. it doesn’t matter for me I still want a cup of coffee this area is also the area with all the vintage shops so it’s probably a good thing I’m here late at night so that I’m not purchasing anything from what I’ve read about it it kind of like the hip area of the city and I’m excited to explore it for a couple of hours after I get my cup of coffee   well that was a bloody delicious cup of coffee oh my goodness barista was so lovely and we ended up talking a ton about Cuba and coffee culture in Cuba so that was really nice I love when places like that on pretentious because it’s so easy for and I’ve been to I’ve been to so many coffee shops that are cool and hip but nice so pretentious and that was just not like that they were so lovely so you have to go there I think that coffee also has a lot of caffeine in there because I’m super jazzed right now I’m like flying off the walls which is great because I have five hours and he’ll my flight leaves tonight so I’ve got to make sure I stay awake and make it to the airport and you know do all the stuff   it’s just really cold yeah thank you I’m so cold I need soup come looks pretty tasty that was perfect   you   and just like that I am back at Oslo Airport and I am leaving Oslo I am leaving Europe kind of sad about it I’d spent a lot of time in 2018 in Europe but I’ll be back in 2019 obviously and I’m now going somewhere a little bit warmer I’m heading to the Middle East which is so exciting first I need to find you I know where Jeanette lies it’s okay okay I am flying to Dubai which I am so excited about I’ve never been to Dubai United Arab Emirates is a new country for me it’s going to be number 52 and I got kind of a long flight I’m not actually sure how long the flight is but I know that I leave here at 11:00 p.m. and I arrived in Dubai 9:00 a.m. Dubai time tomorrow so it’s kind of like the perfect overnight flight I’m at the airport pretty early but I figured I could just go through get a coffee I don’t know why it’s cold air I’m super excited I can’t wait to be warm

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